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small boat
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tail fish
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A Passage
to Asia

25 Centuries of Exchange between
Asia and Europe.

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Prepare to be fully immersed as if you are really there!
This digital exhibition would not have been possible without the valuable support of the EUROPEAN UNION, and in particular the EUROPEAN EXTERNAL ACTION SERVICE (EEAS) and the EUROPEAN COMMISSION'S SERVICE FOR FOREIGN POLICY INSTRUMENTS (FPI) to whom we address our warmest thanks.

We also want to express our sincere appreciation to the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Transtec, to the Belgium Embassies network in Asia, and to all partner museums that made this digital project coming to Life.

We would like to express our gratitude to BOZAR and in particular to: Sophie LAUWERS, Exhibitions Director, Dr. Jan VAN ALPHEN, Curator, Ann FLAS, Senior Curatorial Project Coordinator, Evelyne HINQUE, Managerial Head of Exhibitions Bozar Expo, Christine PERPETTE, Chief Financial Officer, Magdalena LISKOVA, Head of Institutional Relations, Olivier DELSALLE, Institutional Advisor, Cindy ALVAREZ, Financial Controller, Sandrine DEMOLIN, Head of Communication, Amber DEMUYNCK, Communication Officer, Guilliana VENLET, Communication Officer, Leen DAEMS, Press Coordinator and Johan DE SMET, Editor

This experience is a concept of, entirely designed and developed (including the artworks 3D modelisations) Lunaus - Your Digital Hub. The original concept was developed by the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels (BOZAR)

at the occasion of the exhibition ‘A Passage to Asia. 25 Centuries of Exchange between Asia and Europe’, which was on view from 25 June – 10 October 2010.
Thanks to our sponsors